Bronze Certified

UCHSCI Municipal Coordinator

The designated Ulster County Housing Smart Communities Initiative contact for Rochester (Ulster) is:

Name: Charlotte Smiseth

Title: Town Board Member

Contact: (845) 532-4747

UCHSCI Municipal HSCI Task Force Members

Alana Blum

Alix Umen

Blake Arrowood

Claire Wasser

Elaine Bell

Elizabeth Zeldin

Marti Rothberge

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Uploaded Supporting Documentation:

Establish A Community Outreach and Educational Campaign On the Importance of Developing a Range of Housing Options

Create a Municipal Housing Action Plan

Implement Upzoning and Mandatory Affordability

Adopt an Affordable Housing Overlay

Streamline the Development Approval Process

Promote the Development of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Issue Requests for Concepts/Proposals to Encourage Housing Development

Adopt Green Building Energy Code and Site Design Guidelines

Adopt Existing Real Property Tax Laws

Implement a Housing Rehab Program

Create Innovative Housing Solutions