What is a Housing Action Plan?

The development of a municipal housing action plan is a key planning and assessment process that sets the foundation for informed policy decisions and actions related to housing. The primary purpose of a housing action plan is to:

  1. Inventory and assess current conditions including that of housing, demographic metrics, and existing policies and programs that impact housing.
  2. Analyze how housing conditions and municipal policies are meeting current and forecasted housing demands.
  3. Based on findings, develop goals to address identified housing needs.
  4. Identify sites for potential housing development.
  5. Develop actionable strategies for achieving the stated goals.

The identified goals of a housing action plan may align with some or all of the other Housing Smart Community Initiative (HSCI) actions. Where appropriate, municipalities are encouraged to include HSCI actions as implementable strategies in their housing action plan. The other HSCI actions are:

The process of creating a housing action plan provides a comprehensive view of current conditions, trends, and projected housing needs. When equipped with the findings and the goals established in a housing action plan, municipalities are better positioned to implement a systematic and methodical approach to housing policies and actions. Given the foundational nature of a housing action plan, municipalities are encouraged to develop a housing action plan before completing other HSCI actions. However, a housing action plan is not a required prerequisite for any other HSCI actions.

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